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Some notes to start: While Spirits and Nightmares have a lot in common, there are some differences too. Some of those differences were covered in the care guide Riku set up, so I'm not going to repeat them here. There is one major thing we didn't cover, so I'll get that here.

This is about their behavior in battle. Nightmares seem to cover their full range of attacks, patterns and strategies whenever they want. The care guide mentioned that dispositions affect Spirits' battle behavior, but I thought maybe knowing how it affects that might help. I don't think disposition in this context really has any effect outside of battle or if it does, it might be minor enough not to matter. The names of dispositions for each Dream Eater came from a list the Moogles gave me. I have no idea where they got it.

I'll put as much detail as I can into this, but I don't have everything. If anyone has anything to add, let me know and I'll add it. Mostly, I don't have names for the spells and attacks unique to the Dream Eaters. If I list magic at all, it'll be spells I know the names of. I also don't know exactly what items the Nightmares drop, if each type of Nightmare even drops the same stuff all the time. I do know for sure some items they can possibly drop, though: dream pieces (mostly figments and fancies; fantasies are rare), treats, treasure goggles and Panacea. The Panacea can heal poison and other things besides wounds that the Nightmares might do to you.

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I figure a little reference for fellow players about his Spirits might be a good idea.

Jelly Bean - Jelly Bean is a Meow Wow. He is painted primarily pale purple with dark purple Dalmatian spots. His paws, tail and the tips of his ears are still black and his snout is still white. His overall personality is of the 'don't give a crap' variety. In battle, he mostly fights as disposition dictates, but is always keeping an eye on his allies and tends to be fairly aggressive. So far, he gets along with every Spirit he's met. His favorite treat is Shield Cookies.

Bruce - Bruce is a Komory Bat. His fluffy body and the backs of his ears are painted white; the insides of his ears are pink; his nose, wings and feet are pale orange; the markings on his wings are light yellow. He is an asshole. Not that he doesn't like his person, and he gets along with all the Spirits he's met so far, but he's the kind of friend that makes one say 'With friends like these, who needs enemies?' In battle, he's a little lax in supportive dispositions unless it's a truly serious situation, but fights well in Aggro and Saboteur no matter what. His favorite treat is Block-it Chocolate.

Toxy - Toxy is a Toximander. He hasn't been painted yet. He's derpy, affectionate, clingy, a little mischievous, playful and fiercely protective of his person. He doesn't assume anyone's a threat (except Nightmares), but if they turn out to be a threat, look out. In battle, he's fairly sneaky no matter what his disposition, though he will stick close to Sora because he's clingy and protective. He might insist he doesn't have a favorite treat and indeed eats any treat offered, but he favors Confetti candy.

Lucifer - He's a Necho Cat and has not been painted yet. As much as he likes his person, his personality is basically Garfield the cat without the laziness his name. He tends to loom when nibbling on his person's nightmares. He does not get along with Toxy. Then again, the looming might have something to do with that. Not exactly a team player. At least not yet. His favorite treat is Royal Cake.

Unnamed - He's an Escarglow. He's friendly and inquisitive, though he sometimes startles easily. He's also as cuddly and affectionate as Toxy, but not as clingy. His favorite treats is Ice Dream Cones.

Unnamed - She's a Wheeflower. Also very cuddly and affectionate, but not terribly clingy. Mellow and playful as well, her favorite treat is Shield Cookies, though she's also partial to Confetti Candy.
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Character Name: Sora
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Species: Human... normally

Appearance: Sora's a wiry teenager with bright blue eyes and wildly spiky brown hair. Almost always looking cheerful, he's lightly tanned and a bit skinny, but not in an unhealthy way.

He typically wears a shirt, shorts, a short-sleeved jacket, over-sized shoes and fingerless gloves. Currently, he wears a dark blue shirt with a red pocket on the belly and a black and white hooded, short-sleeved jacket with its own pockets and armored guards on the shoulders. The guards are held on with yellow straps. He also wears dark blue and black shorts with white accents on the seams, topped off with red and black bags strapped on with yellow belts. His shoes and gloves are black, yellow and white. The shoes zip up. To top the whole ensemble off, he wears a silver crown pendant on a sturdy chain.

Personality: Sora's upbeat and outgoing, almost to a fault. He likes meeting new people and making friends and generally gets along with everyone unless someone does something to hurt him or someone he cares about. Even then, they're likely to be forgiven if they try to make amends for it. His trust in and love for his friends gives him strength and keeps him going. He'll do anything for his friends up to and including sacrificing his life if it'll ensure they're safety. Harming or manipulating those he cares about is a surefire way to bring his full wrath down upon you. Harming or manipulating anyone else might set him off too. He's not easily intimidated, though he does know when a retreat would be a better idea.

More than anything, he fears losing his friends or failing them somehow. This, too, can be used to manipulate him. He can be impatient and short-tempered as well and can get irrational when he's angry or worried. He's also very competitive and he can be goaded into doing something stupid in the name of proving himself. And he's stubborn.

Abilities: Sora's weapon skills are self taught. He handles his keyblade more like a club or a hammer rather than a blade. He balances power, speed and defense, though his defense needs a little work. While he favors melee, he also has a wide array of spells to call upon. Specifically, all levels of Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Stop, Cure, Magnet, Reflect, Spark, Zero Gravity, Balloon and Sleep; advanced spells such as Esuna, Mega Flare, Firaga Burst, Tornado, Deep Freeze, Ice Barrage, Triple Plasma, Time Bomb and Faith; and spells that induce status ailments like Bind, Blackout, Confuse, Mini, Slow and Poison. He's no slouch at mixing magic with melee and he also has a wide range of magically augmented physical attacks. He may be a cute, sweet kid, but his fighting style is aggressive and brutal. There are a couple of spells he's forgotten for some reason or other that he'd like to relearn. He can also borrow power from one or two friends to enter specific Drive forms. The abilities of these forms depend on the abilities of the friend(s) he borrows power from (Wisdom form wields heightened magical abilities and requires the aid of another magic user, for instance). Occasionally, if he uses these forms too frequently, he may instead enter the wild and unpredictable Anti Form, which looks and fights much like a Heartless. He cannot wield a weapon or use magic and has no consideration for defense in this form, but makes up for it with blinding speed, savage combos and difficult to predict movements. Oddly, under normal circumstances, he's severely hampered by the lack of a weapon, though he still has magic at his disposal in those circumstances.

As for non-combat abilities, Sora can sing and dance. He's also fairly agile, being able to climb like a monkey in some cases and leap to surprising heights. He can swim and isn't bad with skateboarding either. Cheering people up seems to be his greatest non-combat ability, however.

Items: Sora has approximately 500 munny in his pocket along with five or six potions, one or two hi-potions, three or four ethers, an elixir and a handful of synthesis shards. He's also wearing a Cosmic Arts charm, an Orihalcum Ring, a Fencer Earring (due to not having any piercings anywhere, the earring is just in a pocket), a Ribbon, a Cosmic Chain, a Buster Band and his KH2 outfit as described under Appearance. He also has all of the key chains obtained between KH2 and KH3D, as key chains are (or seem to be) made of memories or otherwise produced by emotionally charged events, so even if he has no other items from the Sleeping Worlds, he has the key chains... except for either of the Ultimas.

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Okay, I've been putting this off for a while.

It's about Riku. More specifically, it's about the fact that this place pulls people from different times and he's been pulled from some time while we were in that weird castle that... that I have almost no memory of. Something bad happened to him in there. In my own time, he hasn't really talked to me about it. I doubt he's going to want to talk now, when the worst is probably still fresh in his mind.

This is leaving out that he might even be... how to say... an alternate version, like the situation with Cloud and Tifa. Sort of. Not quite the same, since he did recognize me, so even if he is some kind of alternate, he still knows me somehow.

And if he's not an alternate, what would happen if I told him what was going to happen in the future? In his future? These things are the past for me already. It's so tempting. I can maybe, change things for the better by telling him. Then again, when we found that door to the past in Disney Castle, there was most likely a good reason why Merlin asked us not to give in to the temptation to change things. I could end up changing things for the worst.

Let's not even get into changes in relationship...
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So, this is a blog? Hmm...

Oh stop it, Roxas. I picked a dark theme because it's easier to read on a screen. It's easier on the eyes. None of the ones you seem to think would fit me were readable without giving me a head ache. No, it's not because I was looking at them without my glasses.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this, though. It was Leon's idea that I get one, but he didn't say why. It's not really any different from keeping an actual journal, though... I can just let people see some of the things I would write in it and keep anything I don't want to share private. I wonder what he's playing at. Does he think I might forget the privacy features?

That isn't funny Roxas. Computers weren't something I saw a lot of before then. But, that Leon might want me to get used to them explains a bit. I guess we'll see.

Yes, Roxas. He suggested I get you one too. Yes, the username was my idea. Deal with it~

No, I don't know why I'm answering your questions here. Yes, it is possible this was more someone else's idea than his. Are we going to fight?

That was a stupid question.


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